Friday, November 12, 2021



Genesis 1:14

King James Version

14 And God said, 

Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven 

to divide the day from the night; 

and let them be for signs, 

and for seasons, 

and for days, 

and years:

I was awakened by a yellow light outside my window, around 11:30 p.m last night.

I thought it may be a neighbor's house light, or something.

So, I continued to ignore it.

Until such time, sleep evaded, and I finally got up past midnight.

Looking outside my window, that bright yellow light turned out to be the moon.

A half moon.

Upside down.

Not like the photo above.

Reverse it.

And make it mustard-colored.

STRANGE moon, I tell ya.

Never saw that before.

Not in a perfect inverted half.

Not in that color.

Not that large.

Tried looking for an image to depict it.

Nothing showed up.

Why didn't I take a picture of it?

My phone isn't pixel perfect.

I'd just end up with a hazy bright glow.

Many times in the past, the moon's light wakes me up.

And I get up to gaze at it for a moment.

Observing its beauty, light, and form.

But today, that moon made me lose sleep completely.

So, I researched a bit, watching a prophecy video I noted yesterday.

Double-checked the Scripture verses.

Did more research.


Had to let the HOLY SPIRIT guide me.

I'm not new to "seeing" things.

Thus, this blog "tendenSEE".

Here, let me give you a couple of clues from these matching verses I encountered today:

Joel 2:30

King James Version

30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens 

and in the earth, 


and fire, 

and pillars of smoke.

Acts 2:19

King James Version

19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, 

and signs in the earth beneath; 


and fire, 

and vapour of smoke:

FIRST clue:

I saw that weird, upside down yellow moon (wonder in the heavens) this morning.

SECOND clue:

I saw thin pillars/vapors of smoke (wonder in the earth) yesterday, in broad daylight.

I've documented some of my dreams (and visions?) in the 22 books on spiritual warfare SPIRIT and I wrote in 24 November 2019.

I've seen, and dreamt, too many things since I was a kid.

Wrote them all.

Memorized them all.

Took note of all the details.

Only when I became born again 26 months ago, did everything make sense.

Because I began to test everything through what the BIBLE says.

The WORD of GOD is my ONLY reference.

JESUS led me to Bible prophecy.

He led me to preparing people about the RAPTURE.

I've learned to take it a moment at a time.

GOD can decide to send His SON ANY MOMENT.

We must be ready.

We must watch, and pray.

We must become born again.

We must believe in JESUS.

We must repent, and believe the GOSPEL.

Mark 1:15

King James Version

15 And saying, 

The time is fulfilled, 

and the kingdom of God is at hand: 

repent ye, 

and believe the gospel.

If I'm imagining things, fine.

But the Bible gave lots of prophecies.

Plus, why does the Vatican have an observatory?

What are they waiting for?

What signs are they looking out for?

Methinks the WORD of GOD suffices.

Everything I need to know, the BIBLE supplies.

For JESUS is the WORD of GOD.

Revelation 19:13

King James Version

13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: 

and his name is called The Word of God.

He is who we should be looking out for.

Colossians 3:1-2

King James Version

3 If ye then be risen with Christ, 

seek those things which are above, 

where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

2 Set your affection on things above, 

not on things on the earth.

If it's any source of comfort, know this:

You can't possibly miss the RETURN of JESUS, if you are His.

2 Timothy 2:19

King James Version

19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, 

having this seal, 

The Lord knoweth them that are his


let every one that nameth the name of Christ 

depart from iniquity.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021



2 Corinthians 5:17

King James Version

17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, 

he is a new creature: 

old things are passed away; 


all things are become new.

I worried for a while.

My writing had morphed.

Where, before, I’d write longer sentences by themselves, or within paragraphs, all of a sudden it’s all changed.

That’s just been a year ago, maybe less.

As my thoughts have expanded, the words have compressed.

That was a very strange thing, for sure.

This piece you’re reading, is but a sample of how it is now for me.

Not that I’m complaining, but what can I do?

My writing merely took on another form.

It’s as if, after hundreds of blog posts, and dozens of blogs, and a few self-published books, my writing said, “Can I show you something else?”

Of course, it didn’t wait for an answer.

It showed me right away.

Short bursts of prose.

Carefully-selected words.

Precision, using the minimum.

They say, “Simplicity is mastery”, but I think in my case, it was “mastering the simple”.

It was not a difficult re-education.

If anything, it was a lovely showing-off of this new writer who took over my soul.

The writing had become faster than ever, more confident, more exact, as if using the precision of line, form, and structure I had learned when I took up Architecture.

Never did a day come that I envied my architect-friends.

How different I had turned out from them.

Not that I mind, for I always was.

When you pursue your father’s dream, you are not on the driver’s seat.

But now that I finally go full blast in my work as a writer, uncategorized, but faithful to my voice – my now telegramatic voice – I can only give myself a warm hug.

I was cut out to be a writer.

I can handle solitude.

I never had writer’s block.

If anything, it was writer’s hemorrhage.

I was bleeding through.

The ideas came in droves, and sometimes, I have to remind myself to sleep, even for short periods of time.

The mind was just so alive!

Even as my writing had become telegramatic, it created different twists all the time.

I think, a true creative writer can be given one word, just one word, and volumes would spring from that one word.

May I be so boastful as to say, I am that kind of writer?

I don’t know why.

I just am.

And I don’t wish to be anyone else.

Words have become my toys, my building blocks to figuring things out.

I write, basically, to share what I've learned.

I write, to figure things out, on my own.

I write, to explore.

I write, figuring out something in my mind, making the whole process progressive, and evolving all the time.

And, I'm always led to a "conclusion".

Even I surprise myself.

I was supposed to have been an architect.

What am I doing as a writer?

Soon as I asked that, of course, the answer was simple.


I love words.

So much so, that each word has become a nugget of gold for me.

That’s why my writing had become telegramatic.

One word can stand on its own.









All happy words.

Full of God and Spirit.

Maybe that’s really what happened.

I now have a feeling for the divine.

Finally, I am now my own writer.


And all because there’s really only one word I meditate on.


When you have awe, you have something.

When you have God, you have everything.

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1 John 2:15-17

King James Version

15 Love not the world, 

neither the things that are in the world. 

If any man love the world, 

the love of the Father is not in him.

16 For all that is in the world, 

the lust of the flesh, 

and the lust of the eyes, 

and the pride of life, 

is not of the Father, 

but is of the world.

17 And the world passeth away, 

and the lust thereof: 

but he that doeth the will of God 

abideth for ever.

He had come into a world of sameness.

If it had been said once before, “variety is the spice of life”, well, it’s been bitter gourd the past five years.

Hardly a smile was seen.

Faces have become masks.

How the earth has changed.

How happiness has fallen.

How spirits have crashed.

He longed to see his mother’s smile, but they took her away.

She, who would brush the stray locks from his face, was locked elsewhere.

She was a bad influence to him, they said.

She, a mother, most of all, ought to have known better.

It’s just that she’s known that life before – the censure.

Why would she want the same for her son?

What future would he have in it?

It was not only criminal.

It was diabolical.

And she would have none of it.

The state would have none of that nonsense, either.

So, they took her.

Away from her screaming five-year-old.

Who would take care of him now?

Well, the state could.

But they had enough children on their hands.

Same story.

Rogue parents.

Forced separations.

It was the only way to teach both a lesson.

Separate the child from the mother.

They must not think for themselves.

The state was there to think for them.

What would happen to the world if everyone had freedom?

It would be chaos.

Just like five years ago, when the state thought it’s time for change.

People were too free.

The state wasn’t.

They were not a babysitting center.

They had more important things on their mind than look after people’s welfare.

The state wanted to expand its environs.

It needed wealth.

The freedom-loving people would de-rail them.

“Keep them in check,” the Main Man said.

“Cut short the freedom,” his followers rallied.

“Think for them,” others declared.

The general consensus?

Take away ALL freedom.

Let everyone dress the same, think the same, act the same.

Take the light out of those eyes, that’s how.

When you take the spirit, the person’s as good as dead.

That would curb population, too, the extremists gloated.

That’s how SAM had morphed into the world.

Sad, at age five.

SAM may become a beggar.

The proud, and the rebellious, become beggars in the New State.

The new leaders claimed they were undoing the damage from the previous leaders.

If one didn’t curb population, how would people be fed?

How would the state focus on more important matters when people distracted them with all their insatiable needs and wants?

People’s desires are like a large mouth and stomach that can never be fed enough.

In this day and age, after all the wars, the resources have been depleted, chaos abound.

Thus, it was ripe for censure.

Only with deprivation could the world continue.

The state snickered at the thought of the population dying like flies, as they fell off from lack of food, lack of entertainment, lack of joy, lack of respect, lack of life, and lack of spirit.

That was the whole idea, roared the Main Man.

Everything is an exercise in killing the spirit.

Kill the thought, kill the desire, kill the speech, and you kill the spirit.

Man was made to think.

Why else did he have a brain?

Even as many men hardly think, but that’s what the brain was for.

And now that they’ve been deprived of their freedom to think, and make choices, they all suddenly panic.

Where’s the logic in that?

Why was man so useless?

Why does he panic at the last minute?

Why do they always wait for the last minute?

Where, before, they had all the freedom they wanted and needed.

They had all the luxuries and choices, available for the taking.

And when they got all vain, and greedy, the wars came.

All as a result of that insatiable mouth.

Foolish, foolish people.

They deserve all that’s come to them.

But little SAM couldn’t understand that.

He was not rich.

He and his mom, a single parent, didn’t live in stately mansions.

She was a dressmaker, an endangered job, as everything was run with and through machines.

But she loved the feel of material, the joy of doing art through her designs and stitches, or whatever her customers asked she do.

She was a tactile person, in a cold, strange, unfeeling world.

She and SAM managed with whatever little they had.

One room was all they needed.

A tiny, rented apartment sufficed.

He had begun school, too!

SAM was a chip off his mother’s shoulders, for he was simple and unambitious, too.

Lack of ambition was not a sin, in his mother’s books.

Over-ambition is.

She was quite content sewing those pretty dresses and quilts, imagining how they’d look good on the people who asked for them, and on the homes that needed them.

She got fair pay, too.

They did not have the heart to deprive her of the money she needed for herself and her boy.

They saw how hard she worked, and they paid fairly.

Sometimes, given the extra cash, they’d even give her more.

And SARAH was most grateful for that.

She and SAM could buy food, and keep the rented apartment.

She’d have money for his school.

Just that she made the mistake of securing his freedom.

A vengeful man caused trouble for her.

She didn’t want his attentions and he decided she’d pay for it.

Hurt and humiliated, he swore she’d pay for it.

So, he reported to the state that she was teaching her son freedom, in defiance of the state.

The kind that could break a state.

The kind that could fuel awareness in the child.

The kind that would open his eyes so he can see through the cloak of darkness and illusion put upon everyone.

The state reacted, and responded, accordingly.

“Take away that woman!” commanded the Main Man.

“Take her away from her boy, and lock her up!”

“There will be NO communication between the two, you hear?”

SAM screamed as they took his mother away.

She was a frail woman, slim of bone and structure, and hardly a violent person.

She didn’t have the strength to fight her captors.

As they took her away, she looked at the man who had done this, the one she had refused.

The one she cringed from.

The one who would be awful to her son, had she married him, for she was a widow.

She looked at him, and for a moment, he thought he saw fire there.

A blazing sort of fire, smoldering in its strength and power.

He was taken aback, as if she had slugged him, and part of him became afraid.

She wasn’t what she seemed to be, he thought to himself.

Scratching at the men holding him back, SAM finally slumped to the floor as they carted him mom away.

What price, freedom?

Why were they so poor and powerless?

He knew the man liked his mom.

And when the man would visit his mom, on the pretext of having something sewn for his sister, SAM would draw close to his mother.

He was the man of the house, and felt protective of his mother.

Now, she was gone.

As if the sky felt his grief, it started to rain.

And the men took cover, releasing him from their clutches.

SAM scurried for cover, too, as the rain mixed with his tears.

When the rain stopped, he went to the bakery.

His friend at school, Kevin, would be there, helping his dad.

He’ll have to ask them to take him in for the night.

So, he told them what happened and they took pity on the boy.

Even they were victims of all this censure.

They were Jews who had to have unleavened bread.

The state appointed theirs state bakery, and were to bake bread with yeast.

It tore Kevin’s dad apart, but what could they do?

If they didn’t comply, they would take over the bakery, and kick the whole family out, maybe even punish them, as an example.

What would an individual’s power be against the state?

This was the New State now, and they called for new rules.

Of course, the state knew the beliefs of Jews.

The LORD of their religion was pleased with unleavened bread for offerings.

It was a cruel trick played on Kevin’s family and on their beliefs.

It truly broke their heart.

And that’s exactly what the state wanted.

To break their heart and their spirit.

It, too, was humiliation.

Other Jews became afraid.

Was this to become another holocaust?

So, they ran elsewhere, leaving little Kevin and his parents, to fend for themselves, and to take the humiliation.

And then one day, salvation came.

LUCAS, was an intuitive.

He could see and feel things others couldn’t.

Had he seen the fire in the eyes of SAM’s mother, as she walked past her tormentor, LUCAS could have identified it.

He was of the same blood.

The kind that didn’t give in.

Except in his case, he was more street-wise.

He had lived through hell and back with his tormentors, too.

The people who took away his publishing business.

They said, “Ban the Bible!”

That was the only one LUCAS cared to print.

All other books were half-truths.

For him, the Bible was the ONLY Truth.

And you know what he did?

He surprised them all.

They thought he’d either rage, panic, or beg.

He did none of those things.

A child of GOD doesn’t bow before satan.

He leaves.

After all, the WORD of GOD was forever imprinted in his heart.

He knew the BIBLE by heart.

They could take away his business, or even his belief, and it won’t amount to anything.

He was a SOLDIER for CHRIST, and warriors don’t weep over loss.

They merely keep going.

Do you realize that kind of power, wherein all is taken from you, and yet to manage to keep going?

Only because there’s a secret FIRE in your SOUL, which no one can touch.

That was the very same FIRE in SAM’s mother, when she flashed her eyes like that, sending a message to the perpetrator, letting it sink deep into his bones.

It was not born of the witch.

It was born of the SON of GOD.

She had been quietly reading the Bible, a contraband in those days.

The state had taken over LUCAS’ publishing company, purposely so he’d stop printing those.

In its place, they started printing rules for the people.

At every post was seen a set of rules.

At the left side of every door, of every home, was such a set of rules, printed in thick, coated paper which the elements wouldn’t be able to easily destroy.

And inside every home, in every room, those same set of rules must be posted.

LUCAS’ printing press came in handy.

And so very convenient.

Talking about killing two birds with one stone.

Never again would the WORDS of GOD be heard.

SAM was just learning a few of those verses.

And he recited a few that night as he stayed at Kevin’s home.

Come morning, he had to find a new place to stay.

And that’s how he bumped into LUCAS.

Head bowed, hands in pocket, feeling the cold air amplified by the wind, he kicked a few leaves on the street, not noticing a man walking on the opposite side.

“Whoa, little one!” said LUCAS, as he steadied the child who bumped into him.

The little boy had been zig-zagging his way on the street, lost in his own thoughts.

SAM looked up at him, and LUCAS’ heart was pierced by those grieving eyes.

What grieved this child so?

He was a sensor, wasn’t he?

He could sense what people needed, or wanted.

He could “read” their countenances.

He could not read their minds, for that was arrogant.

It was foolish of the state to employ psychics.

That was pure arrogance and disrespect.

An abomination in the eyes  of GOD.

But LUCAS couldn't help it.

He could read their moods and feelings.

But he would never interfere with the mind.

They had to want to talk about the things that bothered them, or mattered to them.

And here was little SAM, needing nourishment, which LUCAS suspected, was not merely for the body, but for the spirit, the mind, and the heart.

He didn’t like seeing children sad.

They were created for joy.

He took the little boy to a coffee shop.

The boy ate huge pancakes and drank milk.

The color began to show on his face once more.

He thanked LUCAS, for he was taught manners by his mom.

Then, he began talking about his mom.

LUCAS listened closely, and felt compassion for the two.

Almost the same age, in their early 30s, LUCAS thought of a way to get the mother out.

And that’s when the plan began to form in his mind.

He would form friendships in the kitchen, the one that supplied food to the prisoners.

That’s what he’ll do.

He’ll be a mere porter.

That will give the least attention to a lowly position as that.

Let the cooks take the bulk of fame.

SAM loved the idea, and was sworn to secrecy.

He would stay with LUCAS tonight, and every night.

LUCAS had some money stashed away, even as the state grabbed his publishing company.

He had a little place in the woods, away from the eyes of the state.

SAM would be safe there.

Let them think him stupid or a coward.

It’s good to be forgotten, if this was the state that would lead them all to further ruin.

Let him have passed into nothingness.

But right now, he had to focus on freeing SARAH.

Dressing up like an ordinary worker, he looked like a porter, because he was lean, but muscled.

LUCAS got the job easily.

Of course, he was careful and cut his hair and shaved his beard.

He looked young and orderly, and the kitchen staff was relieved, as they needed an extra hand.

Being short of hands, just as he suspected, he would be asked to bring food to the prisoners.

And that was his first encounter with SAM’s mom.

His heart went out to the young woman sitting dejectedly in a corner, so frail and thin.

He recognized her, after seeing her tiny photograph, which little SAM put in his pocket.

Earlier, the little one was all over himself, life coming back to him, excited that LUCAS may find his mom, and perhaps – and he prayed with all his might – reunite them both again.

Now, LUCAS gently motioned for the young woman to get her food.

He couldn’t risk calling her “SARAH”, and alert others unnecessarily.

Not really hungry, she went to LUCAS, only because he seemed bearer of good news.

The total stranger seemed out of place to intuitive SARAH.

And she was right.

SAM is now in the care of this kind man, and she was forever grateful.

He couldn’t talk much, so he merely gave her a piece of paper with instructions on it, making her promise to shred the paper in bits after reading it.

That was the escape plan.

He was good with locks.

He’d come around midnight, when everyone was asleep, and free her from that dungeon.

And they’d walk through the shadowed alleys, till they get to the woods.

GOD must have been around.

The plan went smoothly, despite their hairs on end.

Surely, GOD had sent His angels to keep them all safe.

If you don’t believe in GOD, then you won’t believe that either.

But SAM, SARAH, and LUCAS did.

Kind LUCAS was not brought to them for a limp reason.

Everything felt right for the three to become family, eventually, for love had grown among them.

There was trust and respect.

Something the state could not offer their people.

That being that, this young family would work at giving hope and freedom to the rest of the suffering, censured population.

It had been quite a while since a voice was heard.

Censure creates silence, and thus, death.

LUCAS will be that hopeful voice, guided by GOD.

SARAH and SAM will work alongside him.

There was much to do.

Fortunately, GOD was on their side.



2 Corinthians 10:4-5

King James Version

4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, 

but mighty through God 

to the pulling down of strong holds;)

5 Casting down imaginations, 

and every high thing that exalteth itself 

against the knowledge of God, 

and bringing into captivity 

every thought to the obedience of Christ;

They all think it ought to be men.

But DENDRA was very much a girl.

She doesn’t fight battles with a gun, a sword, missiles, satellites, or even with her words.

She fights with her mind.

For she does have a mind of steel, the kind the dark forces can’t quite penetrate, in order to manipulate.

The mind seems to be the last frontier.

At least, that seems to be the case, based on what she's found.

She’s just been marveling at the beauty of GOD’s Story.

Of how man is given a covenant, but after a while, he forgets, and GOD has to send another deliverer.

Humans are a changeable lot, thought DENDRA.

A very fickle, and forgetful – if not ungrateful – lot.

But since she found the BOOK, started reading, studying, and taking down notes, she discovered many passages that eased the passage through life.

Finally, things made sense.

The dreams, the visions, the actual hardships.

Where no one could give her a satisfactory explanation of those, she finally found it in GOD's SACRED BOOK.

Sometimes, you only need the WORDS of GOD – in all its beauty and precision – to wake up the sensible person in you.

WARRIORSHIP takes discipline.

It is not for the foolhardy.

For, if you only think of yourself and your emotions, you can very well cause harm upon yourself, and others around you.

One slip, one careless mistake, is all it takes.

Being a warrior means you serve a greater cause.

Ideally, you serve a worthwhile cause, so lives are not senselessly wasted.

Lives are precious, who in their right mind would waste such?

It is, therefore, of great importance that you know whom you serve, and what you actually fight for.

DENDRA’s not a mercenary.

She serves only one LORD.

She has committed all her life and energies in His SERVICE.

It is a most noble cause – the promise of eternal life, freedom from evil, and SALVATION.

It took her a long time to find this LORD of hers.

She’s read all the books she needed to read, until one day, there were none.

Everything became a re-hashed version, and the words failed to lift her spirit.

Something was missing.

She could not quite identify it, as it had been elusive, so far.

Of course, the GOD who sees all, knew what He was doing.

He let DENDRA exhaust her time, money, and energy – all her resources – so she may find that one BOOK that would give her ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

She was not successful.

Worse yet, she had become broke.

If there was a time to be a merc, this was one of those times.

But, that would defeat the whole purpose and exercise of finding the One, TRUE, GOD.

People had so many versions.

One day, in great frustration, and yet illumination, she realized it was going to be a personal path for her.

People will give some guide posts, but in the end, there is only ONE path carved out for you.

It’s been there all the time, except people keep deviating.

They keep getting distracted.

And they eventually get lost.

Such is the work of the dark forces.

It’s to create distortion of TRUTH. 

You must serve something that is STABLE, constant, unchanging, reliable, truthful, loving, infallible, and magnificent.

Wouldn’t that be the LORD?

Hebrews 13:8 

King James Version

8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, 

and to day, 

and for ever.

You are defined by the very choice of your leader.

Would you prefer serving someone who is crazed and unstable, vain and greedy, power-hungry and psychotic?

Or, perhaps, you’d prefer serving the GOD of Israel?

GOD didn’t abandon His chosen people.

He honored his covenants with them, despite their swerving loyalties.

He remained the SAME.

That’s the GOD that DENDRA serves, and have committed her life to.

There can be no greater GOD than that.

And there can be no greater honor than serving that GOD.

How the dark forces have misled people.

And how people have allowed themselves to be misled.

She was cut out to continue the work.

In THREE separate dreams, she was visited by at least THREE, ancient warriors – all wounded, and battle-worn.

They passed on the torch.

Someone had to continue, somewhere.

They latched on to DENDRA, for in the spiritual world, your true LIGHT is seen, the presence, or absence of it.

What would a 26-year-old girl know?

She was merely a voracious reader of material, searching for ABSOLUTE Truth, which evaded her for at least 20 years.

They knew who they chose:

She was young, she was diligent, she was studious, her heart was in the right place, plus, she was independent, and tenacious.

All the hallmarks of TRUE warriors of GOD.

And yes, she had embraced the LORD, and started reading His BOOK – the Bible – months ago.

And she started wearing white, even before all these happened.

Not having had a normal childhood, she put it all to “preparation”.

She’s always felt all the hardships and challenges she’s had were mere “preparation”.

Many days, she longed for the tests to stop.

If the training was exceptionally difficult, then, perhaps, the mission was exceptionally important.

That’s how DENDRA, the young, spiritual warrior, would think.

All in stride.

Nothing must be taken personally.

And never through a mind frame of being “victimized”.

If anything, it’s to break your worldly spirit, so you can RECEIVE the TRUE SPIRIT.

The world is owned by the dark forces.

One look at the state of the world, the people around you, your community, your businesses, your government, your religions, and you’d know it has not been manufactured in heaven.

It has been crafted in hell.

That’s why the world needs those children of LIGHT, the faithful ones, the ones who welcome obscurity, the ones who love serving the LORD.

The training was to keep your mind together, for the dark forces were cruel and deceptive.

Your mind must be able to detect the nuances, for sometimes, these will be imperceptible.

All your senses are TUNED in to GOD’s frequency, and that’s where you get your guidance and protection from.

You’d know if you’re in SYNC with the LORD.

Things feel right, you feel empowered, you feel clear, you have His ARMOR, and you’re aware you’re fighting with forces unseen, but very much an influence in the world.

You need to have a strong mind, because that’s how the dark forces tear you down.

They make you question your sanity.

They use the people of the world, often, the closest to you, to mock you, question you, and to distract you.

They will tear you down from within.

So, if your house (your self and family) are weak, or weakened, they may find an opening there.

If you have a crisis of faith, not knowing which church or religion to trust, this becomes very attractive to the dark forces.

If you are unsure of yourself, that’s a delightful entrance to them, as well.

Any part of you or your life and work that’s vulnerable, that’s where they’ll hit.

DENDRA had many dreams and visions of how they hit humanity in so many places.

As of last count, it’s 12 different points of attack, with humans unsuspecting.

They’ve attacked DENDRA so much in her sleep, paralyzing her whole body, with only her mind that’s awake, that she’s gotten so used to it.

But with every DIRECT prayer to GOD, the dark forces disappear – immediately.

She’s heard of many people who died in their sleep, when they were quite healthy to begin with.

Possibly half of those are from “attacks”.

Prayer always helps, and DENDRA’s taught many people, kids and adults, to pray directly to GOD when such attacks occur.

Humans are most susceptible when they’re asleep.

Physically asleep at night, humans are vulnerable.

Mentally asleep, you become a target, too.

Keep your mind razor sharp.

Have nothing to do with drugs, alcohol, and all mind-altering substances.

It’s pure, common-sense, really.

The dark forces own that world of mind-deadening substances.

Think about it: why would you want your mind to go slow, or even halt, or to take it into a totally unfamiliar dimension, when there’s so much at stake?

Spiritual warriors exist because it’s a battle for the mind, as well as for the souls.

Be awake, be aware, pay attention , care, study the Bible, commit yourself to CHRIST – those are the spiritual warrior’s best tools for defense.

It’s merely a matter of choosing which side you wish to serve and live from.

If you’ve seen what DENDRA’s been shown in her dreams, you’d definitely choose GOD.

If you’re tired of life, choose GOD.

It’s that very absence of GOD in you, that will invite the dark forces.

Have the PRESENCE of GOD in you at all times.

It is your soul’s safest SANCTUARY.

Read the Bible every day, at every moment you’re feeling down, lost, angry, vengeful, or out-of-sorts.

Those are the most vulnerable moments when attacks can happen.

If you choose to be a spiritual warrior like DENDRA, prepare for arduous training.

No one is too young or too old to learn.

The important thing is you care to be one, so you can be aware of what the true battle is, who are the people or entities involved, and how best to survive the attacks, so you can teach others, too.

You cannot use your slick knowledge of the world’s martial arts, or even your bulk and muscles from gym training, to fight a spiritual war.

It will take the humblest warrior, to be the strongest warrior.

When EGO’s gone, the dark forces have no place to roost.

They will be without a home in you.

James 4:7 

King James Version

7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. 

Resist the devil, 

and he will flee from you.

It’s proud people who fall hardest.

The dark forces love those who are proud, vain, greedy, and lustful.

They just give you more of the same.

There simply are too many ways to attack such a person.

And the adversary, has studied man well

No earthly weapon can protect you.

Only the BIBLE and PRAYER can, and a BELIEF in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

How else is DENDRA able to live through those attacks, night and day, unless she is  spiritually-equipped for the battle.

True understanding of the BIBLE is a very powerful force, for you are reading GOD’s Story, and hearing His WORDS.

The dark forces have been doing everything they can to distract us from reading THE BOOK.

Embrace the SON, commit your life to Him, trust Him, and learn all about Him.

He, through the Holy SPIRIT – the “teacher of all things” – will guide you.

You will never be lost again.

You will find renewed strength in your being for the Bible will empower you with its TRUTH and WISDOM.

JESUS takes care of all His sheep.

As spiritual warrior, you’re waking up all the sheep to follow JESUS, the GOOD SHEPHERD.

The power is not in you.

It’s in CHRIST.

You’re merely here to serve Him, and to share the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL.

The Bible tells you everything you need to know.

It is the MAIN Reference of all TRUE, spiritual warriors in the SERVICE of CHRIST.

DENDRA is honored to serve such a magnificent cause.

It is worth all the sacrifice and effort.

All for the GLORY of GOD, and remembrance of the SON.

Make your choice like the true warrior that you are.

Do you have the heart for it?

If so, then, you will have the mind for it.

Matthew 22:14

King James Version

14 For many are called, 

but few are chosen.

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Ephesians 6:11

King James Version

11 Put on the whole armour of God, 

that ye may be able to stand 

against the wiles of the devil.

I get dreams,

forever battling something.

This time,

I fought black scorpions.

So large and thick-shelled,

my metal spear clanked.

Then one scorpion shrinks,

goes into a young girl's back.


an older woman hovers over her.

Not good, 

not good at all.

The parasite must not,

ever reach the young girl's heart.

Then I espied a tired, old warrior,

sitting, wounded, and depleted.

He looks up at me,

would I continue the fight?

I take up the cudgel,

following both women.

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Genesis 2:7

King James Version

7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, 

and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; 

and man became a living soul.

I saw them in a dream,

many many years ago.

All huddled together.

THREE molecular biologists.

Looking worried, 

oblivious to my presence.

We were inside a church,

strange thing.

One was American;

another, German.

But the French,

he comes by my way.

Smiles, and hands me,

a card with his name on it.


the friendly French scientist.

But you see, 

it was just a dream.

Of how the scientists know,

something we don’t.

I was the outsider,

looking in.

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