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2 Corinthians 10:4-5

King James Version

4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, 

but mighty through God 

to the pulling down of strong holds;)

5 Casting down imaginations, 

and every high thing that exalteth itself 

against the knowledge of God, 

and bringing into captivity 

every thought to the obedience of Christ;

They all think it ought to be men.

But DENDRA was very much a girl.

She doesn’t fight battles with a gun, a sword, missiles, satellites, or even with her words.

She fights with her mind.

For she does have a mind of steel, the kind the dark forces can’t quite penetrate, in order to manipulate.

The mind seems to be the last frontier.

At least, that seems to be the case, based on what she's found.

She’s just been marveling at the beauty of GOD’s Story.

Of how man is given a covenant, but after a while, he forgets, and GOD has to send another deliverer.

Humans are a changeable lot, thought DENDRA.

A very fickle, and forgetful – if not ungrateful – lot.

But since she found the BOOK, started reading, studying, and taking down notes, she discovered many passages that eased the passage through life.

Finally, things made sense.

The dreams, the visions, the actual hardships.

Where no one could give her a satisfactory explanation of those, she finally found it in GOD's SACRED BOOK.

Sometimes, you only need the WORDS of GOD – in all its beauty and precision – to wake up the sensible person in you.

WARRIORSHIP takes discipline.

It is not for the foolhardy.

For, if you only think of yourself and your emotions, you can very well cause harm upon yourself, and others around you.

One slip, one careless mistake, is all it takes.

Being a warrior means you serve a greater cause.

Ideally, you serve a worthwhile cause, so lives are not senselessly wasted.

Lives are precious, who in their right mind would waste such?

It is, therefore, of great importance that you know whom you serve, and what you actually fight for.

DENDRA’s not a mercenary.

She serves only one LORD.

She has committed all her life and energies in His SERVICE.

It is a most noble cause – the promise of eternal life, freedom from evil, and SALVATION.

It took her a long time to find this LORD of hers.

She’s read all the books she needed to read, until one day, there were none.

Everything became a re-hashed version, and the words failed to lift her spirit.

Something was missing.

She could not quite identify it, as it had been elusive, so far.

Of course, the GOD who sees all, knew what He was doing.

He let DENDRA exhaust her time, money, and energy – all her resources – so she may find that one BOOK that would give her ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

She was not successful.

Worse yet, she had become broke.

If there was a time to be a merc, this was one of those times.

But, that would defeat the whole purpose and exercise of finding the One, TRUE, GOD.

People had so many versions.

One day, in great frustration, and yet illumination, she realized it was going to be a personal path for her.

People will give some guide posts, but in the end, there is only ONE path carved out for you.

It’s been there all the time, except people keep deviating.

They keep getting distracted.

And they eventually get lost.

Such is the work of the dark forces.

It’s to create distortion of TRUTH. 

You must serve something that is STABLE, constant, unchanging, reliable, truthful, loving, infallible, and magnificent.

Wouldn’t that be the LORD?

Hebrews 13:8 

King James Version

8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, 

and to day, 

and for ever.

You are defined by the very choice of your leader.

Would you prefer serving someone who is crazed and unstable, vain and greedy, power-hungry and psychotic?

Or, perhaps, you’d prefer serving the GOD of Israel?

GOD didn’t abandon His chosen people.

He honored his covenants with them, despite their swerving loyalties.

He remained the SAME.

That’s the GOD that DENDRA serves, and have committed her life to.

There can be no greater GOD than that.

And there can be no greater honor than serving that GOD.

How the dark forces have misled people.

And how people have allowed themselves to be misled.

She was cut out to continue the work.

In THREE separate dreams, she was visited by at least THREE, ancient warriors – all wounded, and battle-worn.

They passed on the torch.

Someone had to continue, somewhere.

They latched on to DENDRA, for in the spiritual world, your true LIGHT is seen, the presence, or absence of it.

What would a 26-year-old girl know?

She was merely a voracious reader of material, searching for ABSOLUTE Truth, which evaded her for at least 20 years.

They knew who they chose:

She was young, she was diligent, she was studious, her heart was in the right place, plus, she was independent, and tenacious.

All the hallmarks of TRUE warriors of GOD.

And yes, she had embraced the LORD, and started reading His BOOK – the Bible – months ago.

And she started wearing white, even before all these happened.

Not having had a normal childhood, she put it all to “preparation”.

She’s always felt all the hardships and challenges she’s had were mere “preparation”.

Many days, she longed for the tests to stop.

If the training was exceptionally difficult, then, perhaps, the mission was exceptionally important.

That’s how DENDRA, the young, spiritual warrior, would think.

All in stride.

Nothing must be taken personally.

And never through a mind frame of being “victimized”.

If anything, it’s to break your worldly spirit, so you can RECEIVE the TRUE SPIRIT.

The world is owned by the dark forces.

One look at the state of the world, the people around you, your community, your businesses, your government, your religions, and you’d know it has not been manufactured in heaven.

It has been crafted in hell.

That’s why the world needs those children of LIGHT, the faithful ones, the ones who welcome obscurity, the ones who love serving the LORD.

The training was to keep your mind together, for the dark forces were cruel and deceptive.

Your mind must be able to detect the nuances, for sometimes, these will be imperceptible.

All your senses are TUNED in to GOD’s frequency, and that’s where you get your guidance and protection from.

You’d know if you’re in SYNC with the LORD.

Things feel right, you feel empowered, you feel clear, you have His ARMOR, and you’re aware you’re fighting with forces unseen, but very much an influence in the world.

You need to have a strong mind, because that’s how the dark forces tear you down.

They make you question your sanity.

They use the people of the world, often, the closest to you, to mock you, question you, and to distract you.

They will tear you down from within.

So, if your house (your self and family) are weak, or weakened, they may find an opening there.

If you have a crisis of faith, not knowing which church or religion to trust, this becomes very attractive to the dark forces.

If you are unsure of yourself, that’s a delightful entrance to them, as well.

Any part of you or your life and work that’s vulnerable, that’s where they’ll hit.

DENDRA had many dreams and visions of how they hit humanity in so many places.

As of last count, it’s 12 different points of attack, with humans unsuspecting.

They’ve attacked DENDRA so much in her sleep, paralyzing her whole body, with only her mind that’s awake, that she’s gotten so used to it.

But with every DIRECT prayer to GOD, the dark forces disappear – immediately.

She’s heard of many people who died in their sleep, when they were quite healthy to begin with.

Possibly half of those are from “attacks”.

Prayer always helps, and DENDRA’s taught many people, kids and adults, to pray directly to GOD when such attacks occur.

Humans are most susceptible when they’re asleep.

Physically asleep at night, humans are vulnerable.

Mentally asleep, you become a target, too.

Keep your mind razor sharp.

Have nothing to do with drugs, alcohol, and all mind-altering substances.

It’s pure, common-sense, really.

The dark forces own that world of mind-deadening substances.

Think about it: why would you want your mind to go slow, or even halt, or to take it into a totally unfamiliar dimension, when there’s so much at stake?

Spiritual warriors exist because it’s a battle for the mind, as well as for the souls.

Be awake, be aware, pay attention , care, study the Bible, commit yourself to CHRIST – those are the spiritual warrior’s best tools for defense.

It’s merely a matter of choosing which side you wish to serve and live from.

If you’ve seen what DENDRA’s been shown in her dreams, you’d definitely choose GOD.

If you’re tired of life, choose GOD.

It’s that very absence of GOD in you, that will invite the dark forces.

Have the PRESENCE of GOD in you at all times.

It is your soul’s safest SANCTUARY.

Read the Bible every day, at every moment you’re feeling down, lost, angry, vengeful, or out-of-sorts.

Those are the most vulnerable moments when attacks can happen.

If you choose to be a spiritual warrior like DENDRA, prepare for arduous training.

No one is too young or too old to learn.

The important thing is you care to be one, so you can be aware of what the true battle is, who are the people or entities involved, and how best to survive the attacks, so you can teach others, too.

You cannot use your slick knowledge of the world’s martial arts, or even your bulk and muscles from gym training, to fight a spiritual war.

It will take the humblest warrior, to be the strongest warrior.

When EGO’s gone, the dark forces have no place to roost.

They will be without a home in you.

James 4:7 

King James Version

7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. 

Resist the devil, 

and he will flee from you.

It’s proud people who fall hardest.

The dark forces love those who are proud, vain, greedy, and lustful.

They just give you more of the same.

There simply are too many ways to attack such a person.

And the adversary, has studied man well

No earthly weapon can protect you.

Only the BIBLE and PRAYER can, and a BELIEF in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

How else is DENDRA able to live through those attacks, night and day, unless she is  spiritually-equipped for the battle.

True understanding of the BIBLE is a very powerful force, for you are reading GOD’s Story, and hearing His WORDS.

The dark forces have been doing everything they can to distract us from reading THE BOOK.

Embrace the SON, commit your life to Him, trust Him, and learn all about Him.

He, through the Holy SPIRIT – the “teacher of all things” – will guide you.

You will never be lost again.

You will find renewed strength in your being for the Bible will empower you with its TRUTH and WISDOM.

JESUS takes care of all His sheep.

As spiritual warrior, you’re waking up all the sheep to follow JESUS, the GOOD SHEPHERD.

The power is not in you.

It’s in CHRIST.

You’re merely here to serve Him, and to share the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL.

The Bible tells you everything you need to know.

It is the MAIN Reference of all TRUE, spiritual warriors in the SERVICE of CHRIST.

DENDRA is honored to serve such a magnificent cause.

It is worth all the sacrifice and effort.

All for the GLORY of GOD, and remembrance of the SON.

Make your choice like the true warrior that you are.

Do you have the heart for it?

If so, then, you will have the mind for it.

Matthew 22:14

King James Version

14 For many are called, 

but few are chosen.

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