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1 Peter 5:8

King James Version

8 Be sober, 

be vigilant; 

because your adversary the devil, 

as a roaring lion, 

walketh about, 

seeking whom he may devour:

BRIGU looked up from his throne when he heard that cry.

Of a baby being born.

A female.

The one who would cut short his ancient life.

The one who will wake others up.

You see, he had kept them in the dark too long, as they ought to be.

He had known the buttons to push, to keep them asleep and unaware.

He was preparing to harvest those souls.

And female souls were his special favorites.

That will become apparent in a future story I will tell you.

You can imagine his rage when BRYTHE was born.

The female warrior will be after him, that much he knew.

He saw the signs.

There was a light in the woods.

The world was his, and he made it dark.

But the light kept getting brighter in that particular spot, each day.

He sent his generals.

It was confirmed: a child from GOD's LIGHT had been born.

And, it had to be a girl.

They were few and far between, but on that day, she was born.

BRIGU’s fate was sealed.

He met a future human challenger, with special protection from heaven.

The LIGHT didn’t just show up in a person, for no reason.

It had EVERY reason.

Certain children are chosen.

BRIGU may have had dominion over the planet since it first came into existence, but every now and then, a challenger surfaces.

He made the world so dark, that one pinpoint of LIGHT could be seen.

And it’s not the light from candles, though they had weight, too.

It was the LIGHT from those souls.

It was the LIGHT they were born with.

It was genetic.

Either you had it, or you don’t.

Most, didn’t.

Nothing personal.

It just is.

Not as if the children of LIGHT had it easy.

“Oh, no, no, no.” laughed BRIGU.

If anything, they had it hardest.

They were his open targets.

They were often from poor families – the FAITHFUL ones.

The ones who read the BOOK.

The ones who loved the AUTHOR of that BOOK.

The ones who managed to read, despite all that poverty.

They were also the PRAYERFUL ones.

His agents ran rampant in those proud hovels.

That’s why many didn’t survive too long.

What, with poverty and disease, he caused.

Plus, that thick blob that would congest their lungs.

The ones who survived were the born-HAPPY ones.

The ones who’d laugh and play and enjoy life, no matter what.

The blobs got expelled easily because they laughed so much.

They were the STURDY people.

The unbreakable ones.

The very ancestry of BRYTHE.

The future cause of his downfall.

Not, if he can help it, of course.

She had just turned 18.

“Eighteen” in numerics – if based on SCRIPTURE – was “bondage”.

Why else do you think he flooded her lungs heavily with that virus?

As the sticky phlegm congested her lungs, he would weaken her system, and prepare her for harvest.

Humans are not aware, almost all their foods are phlegm-producing.

Babies’ milk were culprits, for one.

He was making the doctors, hospitals, and labs rich.

He was especially making the pharmaceutical companies wealthier than they already are.

He had created an illusion of health and power in them.

Few suspected what was really going on.

Except for that other girl – another child of LIGHT – at a private lab.

He saw her brows furrow as she checked the specimen through the microscope.

It cannot be!

The medicines had no effect on the cold virus!

Why else did the cold continue to plague humanity?

And why was her company producing such worthless stuff?

It spread far and wide, just as BRIGU wanted.

Corruption started in the minds of man; disease in the body merely followed.

His special agents – viral or otherwise -- had infiltrated EVERY system.

His viruses had gone VIRAL.

And phlegm was his special assassin.

Humanity was asleep, with no one suspecting the genius of his simple plan.

Oh sure, he knew how to keep their minds occupied.

Give them gadgets, clothes, money, music, personal heroes, social media, anything that was new and fashionable, even trend-setting.

They’ll gobble it up like hungry flies.

“But it’s as far as their tiny wings would take them,” laughed BRIGU in delight.

His methods were actually very simple.

Keep their minds occupied, so much so they’d sleep late nights, eat poorly, rest sparingly, and bombard them with useless stuff that deadens their spirits.

The young especially love vampire and werewolf movies, war games, and fashion.

The adults couldn’t sleep because they had mortgage, debts, kids, and retirement to think about.

So, again, BRIGU gave them a fix.

Relaxants and sleeping pills were being manufactured, prescribed, and bought faster than you can manufacture them.

You ought to see when there’s short supply.

Adults panicked and acted all addicted.

Which, in truth, they were.

BRIGU had them all – the kids and the adults – slaves to his many devices.

He knew their fix.

What they didn’t know was how he was fixing them up for two things.

Either harvest.

Or annihilation.

Female children of Jezebel were easy to manipulate, for they already had the seeds of darkness in them.

So, they were for harvest.

The rest?

For annihilation.

The common cold, with the pernicious, pesky phlegm, was his best agent so far.

So common, and yet so lethal.

For, it really never left you.

The foods of the world were all phlegm-producing.

The world was one PHLEGM factory.

He just let it multiply and spread like crazy.

Disinfectants, washing of hands with soap and water, staying away from infected people, medicines, were but a few measures to check it.

But not everyone washes their hands ALL the time, and there were millions and millions of people all over the world, travelling in buses, cars, trains, and airplanes every single day, or being cooped up in offices all day.

So, the infection was real time.

Couple that with air-conditioning in those vehicles of transport, in offices, in homes, and commercial establishments and you can imagine the joy of the virus, and his brother, the blob.

Sure, you can turn up that air-conditioning the whole day, and people seem comfortable.

In fact, most times, the mechanical people don’t even turn it down a notch.

Old people are freezing.

The sick are freezing.

All the more everyone gets weakened, and sick.

When night time comes, the air-conditioning’s turned off.

The bacteria sleeps, too.

What do you think?

You’re the only one that sleeps?

Come morning time, soon as the air-conditioning is turned on, boy, it’s party time!

Bacteria comes alive, and courses through the ducts, and into the air ducts of people.


BRIGU’s agents have done their dirty deed, with no one the wiser.

That’s why you will never be able to cure the common cold.

It’s become so common and ordinary, one doesn’t really think much of it.

Well, that’s how BRIGU operates, mind you.

He is the master of ambush, and insidious methods.

Like cancer cells that eat up other cells, you apply chemotherapy, and you are further weakened.

You have no more healthy cells to fight.

What’s supposed to cure you, kills you first.

BRIGU is master of all that.

And everyone’s on his payroll.

Except, of course, those children of LIGHT and their FAITHFUL families.

They are outnumbered, but they have great power.

Their power is in the CREATOR and His BOOK.

BRIGU’s merely copy cat, and he hates the fact.

Still, for want of trying, he may just outsmart the main dude.

He’s not about to stop now.

Every day humans were wonderful experiment for BRIGU.

Create a virus, spread it, and his agents worked beautifully.

Faster than they can create cures, he creates new breeds and strains of it.

Like a perverted scientist, he gloated in his many triumphs.

At the expense of humans, of course.

Was there any other race he would experiment on?

But surprisingly, and he was quite surprised, humans seemed tough, too.

Somehow, those bodies kept creating antibodies, and if their minds were not his, they managed to survive.

That was one part of CREATION he couldn’t decode.

He inspired humans to check out DNA, sequencing, and such.

He wanted humans to think they could be little gods.

Make designer babies.


Babies have become fashion?

At the whim of one’s desire and pocket?

Foolish, power-hungry, and greedy humans follow his lead, and they think they have the secret of creation.

BRYTHE once had a dream of three molecular biologists in deep conversation.

She knew something was up.

Her dreams always told her what she needed to know.

Labs won’t tell you everything.

They lived for profit, too.

How else can they operate?

And if some scientist with fear of GOD wanted to spill the beans, he’d be fired, ostracized, or even killed.

Many such stuff occurred in BRYTHE’s early years.

But there are no talkers.

There are takers, but no talkers.

They valued their earthly life too much.

Plus, BRIGU’s bands focused on harassing families and their finances.

Those were the weak spots.

BRYTHE enjoyed her parents till she was 14.

BRIGU got to them.

But that was a mistake, he learned only too late.

It merely fired up the LIGHT in the child.

Where it would tear up the spirit in others, it merely built up the SPIRIT in BRYTHE, when she lost her parents at age 14.

Life’s been hard but she’s a warrior.

She has the SUPREME Power of Heaven, as her GUIDE.

She knew that a long time ago.

And now, she’s fighting to expel this pesky phlegm, out to weaken her.

Because she took no medicines, her body knew what to do.

It had to clear itself of these agents of hell.

And she thought of her brother, BRICK, the quirky one, and she laughed and laughed and laughed.

Once, when they were kids, she, about 5, and he, 6, he sat on a large rock, which happened to be a turtle.

The “rock” moved and BRICK fell.

BRYTHE also fell, from laughing.

And BRICK cried and cried, then laughed and laughed.

He saw the humor in it.

So, it became a standing joke between the siblings.

It always broke the ice.

GOD planted that idea in her brain, to heal her, and as she laughed, she kept expelling the blob, for her lungs were relaxing and turning happy. laughing alongside her at thoughts of her brother.

Her LIGHT also shone brighter, each time more joy and laughter were experienced, and phlegm was expelled.

And that’s when BRIGU knew he had lost – again.

The girl simply knew what to do, in most circumstances.

By the end of the day, her lungs had cleared, BRIGU was gone, his agents were gone, and she could think clearly once more.

Phew, that was close, she thought.

Worst attack ever.

The attacks were were spaced closer now, with more urgency.

More frequent bombardments were BRIGU’s new method.

It nearly got BRYTHE.

With the clouding of one’s mind, through disease, one becomes susceptible to more of the destroyer’s darkness and devices.

The warrior must warn others.

Or, at least, get them to heal, and prevent further attacks.

The viruses were getting tougher, truly agents from hell.

The people were getting too numbed and complacent with their easier life.

Kids could have most anything they wanted these days.

They’d avoid the parents, but go to the grandparents, who happened to have more doting hearts.

Works all the time.

So, kids aren’t prepared for battle.

BRYTHE must warn them.

And hopefully, they’d see sense in it, and listen.

But GOD was on BRYTHE’s side, how could she possibly fail?

The girl warrior survived this bout.

The destroyer had other bright plans for her future, though.

Something that would dim that LIGHT.

Or maybe snuff it, altogether.

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