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Ephesians 2:2

King James Version

2 Wherein in time past ye walked 

according to the course of this world, 

according to the prince of the power of the air, 

the spirit that now worketh 

in the children of disobedience:


SPIRIT and I created a fictional character, where we wove the dreams, signs, and visions I'd been having for decades.

Synopsis, Book 1:

What does the Chief Demon scheme for unwitting humanity?

Find out when 26-year-old Scribu, the Dream Warrior, dreams his schemes.

To his great rage, of course.

Now, he must destroy her.

Thing is, she's got the Chief Warrior Angel protecting her.

There are 12 ways to die, and Scribu was shown those evil schemes.

Enjoy this first book in the SCRIBU series, for there will be many such revelations.

The battle between good and evil continues.

Synopsis, Book 2:

SCRIBU is a seemingly ordinary 26-year-old. 

Except she dreams SKAL's schemes. 

And he's the Chief Demon and destroyer. 

Fortunately, she's got STONE, Chief Warrior Angel, guarding her.

Know more about this Dream Warrior.

Continue where ARMAGEDDREAMS left off.

More dreams, more visions, strangest things.

Synopsis, Books 1 to 4:

Book 1, ARMAGEDDREAMS – Scribu, the Dream Warrior, dreamt 12 ways the sleeping world will perish.

Book 2, SCRIBU, spoke of the Dream Warrior, and why she is so hated by SKAL, the Chief Demon.

Book 3, THE ANCIENT BLACK BOOK, will tell you more of SCRIBU’s secret bloodline and what the black book contains.

Book 4, THE ALABASTER ANGELS – this will speak of the Angels who showed themselves to Scribu in her dream, and of how the darkness has spread alarmingly in the world.

All books have the following main characters :

SCRIBU, the Dream Warrior, dreams,

SKAL, the Chief Demon, schemes, 

STONE, the Chief Warrior Angel, protects, and

The SON, the Word of God, saves.

These four characters figure in all SCRIBU novels.

Witness how all their lives are linked in the ancient Battle for the Soul.

For a complete list, synopsis, and FREE sample chapters of the books, click 22 Books on Spiritual Warfare.

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